Portraits of Strength

What is Strength? Is it grit?, Is it forgiveness? Or is it an all-elusive emotion that only shows up when are faced with the unlikely of situations? This particular question keeps coming back to me in those quiet moments. It has fascinated me and is often an opening line with interesting people. I love to listen to different perspectives and learn what each person perceives Strength to be, especially from women around me. 

Women in my opinion show displays of strength in their own way and sometimes in surprising ways, that not just take the people around them into a shock but also surprise themselves. 

For sometime I have had this idea lurking in the corners of my mind to formally write about this particular question, but I never really acted on it. But this idea never really left me. As most of you know, the three things that I am passionate about are:

  • Photography
  • Writing and 
  • Woman Empowerment

So I decided to combine my three passions and transformed the little idea to shoot portraits of strong women I encounter in my day to day life and have left an indelible impression on me and write about their perspective of this question. So on this International Women’s Day, I present to you “Portraits of Strength” – a series of blog posts. 

I wanted to talk about the incredible women in my EMBA cohort. They were an amazing bunch that I learned a great deal from. This group consisted of moms of toddlers, teenagers, single moms, grandmothers, pregnant women, women who were experts in sales, accounting, operations, marketing, medicine, medical devices, project management and every other conceivable field. 

From these amazing women, I learned how to:

  • organize 
  • prioritize
  • juggle various aspects of life with ease
  • forge ahead in spite of all odds

But my greatest thing that I learned from them was how to persevere for a something that they believe in. Kudos to all the ladies in my cohort and I am most blessed to have made such wonderful friends for life. 

Wish all you wonderful women a very Happy Women’s Day!!!